Sandwich Wednesday: Morning Glory Bakery’s Pork Chop Bun

It’s special, and spicy too.

“Finished today,” the lady behind the counter at Rego Park’s Morning Glory Bakery said when I pointed to the sign behind the counter promoting the new and delicious-sounding pork chop bun. “Come early,” she said as I left with an iced coffee.

Mustard stem, chili, and pork make for a fine breakfast sandwich.

So I returned the next day to find an entire fleet of the sandwich-like buns lining the counter. I was kind of hoping for an entire pork chop, but that’s just way too much to expect for $1.50. Inside the split top bun was  a lively mix of pork, chopped mustard stem, and green chili peppers. A finer Chinese breakfast for under $2 was never had in Rego Park.

Morning Glory Bakery, 93-05A 63rd Dr., Rego Park, 718-830-0888